About Our Agents

Steve Tobin, CTC: Steve started in the travel industry in 1973 by starting a camp for kids - skiing in the winter and mountain climbing, fishing, river trips, and camping during the summer. During this time, he started with a travel agency as a tour escort - escorting groups around the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Europe, China, Galapagos Islands, and many others. In 1984 he bought an agency that had been in business since 1972 and renamed it THE TRAVELERS EDGE. He has been and still is active in the daily operations of the agency - specializing in groups and conventions. Please call him anytime or click here to e-mail.

What is a CTC? CTC's possess at least five years of travel industry work experience and have completed a rigorous two-level certification program that also requires the fulfillment of annual continuing education credits.

Charlene Regan: Charlene has been a travel consultant 15 years. She works as an outside agent for THE TRAVELERS EDGE in the Steamboat Springs area. She specializes in cruises, family vacations, corporate travel, Las Vegas, Mexico and individualized personal service. Call Charlene for your travel needs. Click here to e-mail.

Diane Ross: Diane joined us in 1994, but has been in the travel business since 1979. She has put together every kind of travel arrangements that you could think of and traveled to many destinations over the years. Her specialty is planning corporate travel, meetings and group travel. Call Diane for all of your corporate travel needs or click here to e-mail.

Linda Wehse: Linda has been in the travel industry since 1977 and recently moved to Denver from Washington DC. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and is a certified Singapore, Switzerland and Austria specialist. Linda also specializes in villa rentals in Italy and France along with planning independent travel for clients desiring a more detailed vacation. She has great experience in meeting and conference planning from negotiating hotel rates down to planning menus and activities. Call Linda for your travel needs or click here to e-mail.

Mona Smith: Mona graduated from travel school in 1979 and has been a travel agent since. She has done extensive travel through the U.S., Europe and Mexico. She is equally competent in corporate travel and booking wonderful leisure vacations all over the world. Call Mona for any type of travel or click here to e-mail.

Karen Wilcoxson, ACC: Karen has been a cruise specialist since 1985 and is an accredited cruise counselor (ACC), having been certified by Cruise Lines International's Cruise Academy Training program. She has sailed on over 23 cruises with various cruise lines to Europe, Hawaii, Bermuda and the Caribbean. She has also traveled to Canada, New Zealand and Australia, but finds cruising the best way to see the world. Call Karen for any cruise information or click here to e-mail.